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You are probably going to find a lot of people that say they do websites. In fact, you probably have a mate that can do websites. And lets just say that there is a bit of a difference between a good one and a bad one. It’s not all about looking pretty though. It’s about having a strategy behind what you want from your potential customers. Why are they there? how long do you want them to spend there?


It’s a common theme on here, we seem to be telling you how affordable everything is. Realistically, we are not cheap, but we price honestly. A website doesn’t always need to be some all singing and dancing technical mecca. It needs to reflect your business and brand, and it needs to be easy to use.

Experts in customer logic

The real dark art of marketing, is an ability to read people and know how to use their emotions against them. We know people, and we know how to drive leads.


The process doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact with us, it’s anything but. With a basic idea of how you want the site to look and some information of how to get in contact with you, you would be surprised what we can come up with.

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  • To get your business online and looking fantastic, the basic package will deliver you exactly that. We will develop a professional looking, but simple site for you. For around $1,450 we will;
  • Set you up with a domain (yourbusiness.com)
  •  We will host the site for 12 months
  •  We will develop 4 pages of content and build the site.
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Advertising Services

If you were interested in web design and hosting, then you might also be interested in looking at some of our advertising services. It’s not like field of dreams – If you build it, they won’t just come. You need to tell people about your site to get them in the front door.

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Your website is just a small part of your brand presence. Getting your image looking mint is going to go a long way to getting prospective customers to pick up the phone.

Click on the link below, and have a look at the design services that we have on offer.

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