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Uproar marketing services

There are tons of reasons why customers come to us for help with elements of their business marketing. There are even more reasons why it makes sense to outsource it all to us. We run a full service agency with one of the most experienced teams in the business. We are very happy for you to hand us the keys, and let us run it for you.

Coverage for absent or junior staff

Outsourcing happens for a number of reasons. In some cases, you have good staff that are on maternity leave or away for an extended period, and you need some cover. In other cases, your staff need some support with higher level strategy, product management or pricing. You may want to get an expert in to help steer them in the right direction, and coach for the future.

Whatever the reason, we are here for you.

Flexibility and growth

We understand that money can be tight. You know you need help, but you need to manage the costs until you grow. The flexibility of outsourcing means that you control the costs. An hour, 5 hrs or a full time staff member. We can cater to your needs and help you grow.

Cheaper and better than hiring your own staff

By outsourcing your marketing to Uproar, you are getting a resource that is of the highest possible quality. People who have run some of the most successful brands in the country. That combined with the fact that we are ultimately flexible with the amount of time you can use us for – we can be cheaper and better than any alternative.

Pricing Guide

All prices quoted excluding GST

Getting Started

  • 5 hours a month.
  • This can be useful for new start-ups. This is a perfect way to have someone help you build a strategy and then touch base once a week to check results, make changes and even run some basic communication campaigns.
  • What else could you use this for;
  •  Leave coverage. Some support to keep things ticking over while staff are away
  •  Mentoring of junior staff. Have a senior manager catch up once a week to check progress and steer.
  •  Run your social media and customer communication
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Take on the world

$Just Ask
  • 30+ hours a month.
  • Now for those who are serious about growth and really want to take on that elusive next level, this is for you. If it’s over 30hrs a month we can completely build and implement a marketing and tactical plan to take on your competition. There are a few too many variables to quote a price and inclusions on here, but get in contact and we can work through all the details.
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Just something casual

  • Have issues with commitment? We know where you are coming from and we don’t mind either. If you just want us for an hour from time to time – lets try it your way.
Like tinder for marketing

Strategy Sessions

A great way to get started before we jump into an outsourcing service, is to run a dedicated planning day or half day. Some of the packages above will include one – but if not, you should really consider one.

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Creative & Design

As part of your outsourcing, you may not have time to spruce up your brand. Why not click here and have a good look at the sprucing packages.

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