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Uproar creative and design services

We live and breathe creative, and we are really good at it. This is the starting point into marketing for many small businesses, and is especially relevant for start ups. The right logo, colours, fonts and design is the first thing prospective clients see – and that first impression matters. It shouldn’t just be the starting point though. Even established businesses need to keep their image on point.

The right price

You are going to hear the word “affordable” from us quite a bit. Mainly, because we think we are. More than that you get what you pay for. In some cases, designers can be really expensive and offshore ones can be really cheap. With us, you are paying for designers that actually understand the real world and can deliver based on those needs.

Easy to talk to

Sometimes, talking to a creatives can feel like they are speaking a completely different language. They often have ideals and concepts that aren’t aligned with the real world needs of the client. We are lucky to have a creative director that grew up in the real world.

We just get it

Uproar is a full service agency. That means you are dealing with product managers, event managers, market analysts, designers, developers, strategists and whole heap of other skill sets that were developed over the 100 years that we have been in marketing. You are looked after by the team, and that leads to an understanding of what you want that is like no other.

Pricing Guide

All prices quoted excluding GST

Business Starter

  • Perfect for those just starting out in the world, or those finally getting a professional image.
  •  Logo Design
  •  Colour pallet and Font selection
  • Your own brand guideline
I'll take one please

Freshen Up

  • You had a brand that was developed years ago, or a mate did it for you, or you just busted something out yourself. Whatever led you to this point has worked, but it’s time to step it up. So we can redo your brand for you and get you ready to take on the world again.
  •  Consultation on a brand refresh
  •  New logo, colours, brand guideline
  •  New letterhead & business card template
Awesome Idea

It's just casual

  • So this is just a snippet of what we actually offer, and our casual rate for wonderful creative. If there is a larger project, then just ask us for a quote and we will come back with a competitive offer. This is just a small taste to give you an idea on what it could cost if you are just starting out. We offer any sort of design service you could imagine;
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Copy-writing
  • Ad Layouts
  • Building Signage
  • POS and Merchandise
  • Banners
  • You name it – we probably do it.
Great - that's great

Strategy Sessions

So fantastic you are looking to freshen up your brand. Why stop there. Why don’t we run you a half day strategy session and freshen up your entire approach. Colours are good, especially when it’s the colour of money. We love pineapples.

mmm pineapples


Once your brand is looking shiny, lets show everyone. A good advertising strategy will let hundreds of people see that pretty new brand and hopefully get them to call you too.

Bring on the leads

Or, If you don't need to look at other services.....

Then why not get in contact with us so we can have a chat.

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