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Advertising with Uproar

Almost everybody we talk to seems to be terrified of advertising. They think that it is way too expensive, that you need to lock into massive contracts and that you need to deal with wanky advertising agencies. Wrong, wrong and wrong.


We currently have a lawn mowing customer that has a budget of $4 per week in Google Adwords. He has been running that for 4 months and has gained over $18,000 in regular contract work as a result.

No lock in contracts

The beauty of advertising, is that we play by your rules. Want to stop? Then lets stop. Want to take a break? We can pause for a while. Want to change budgets? Done. It’s as easy as that.

99% BS free

We keep saying this, but we are REAL people. No big words, just results. So, you can talk to us about your business and what you want, and we will actually understand.

Pricing Guide

All prices quoted excluding GST

Google Me

  • As a basic intro into advertising your business, we recommend that we set you up on google as a local¬†business and start a basic ad-words campaign to get you into the search results. For around $350 we will;
  • Set up google my business and 1 x ad-words campaign
  • Write the content for your ad, and help select keywords
  • Then you set the budget for what you want to spend per week/month/year.
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Social Butterfly

  • Next level up from a basic Google campaign would be to get a little more targeted. We look at adverting on something like Facebook where we can pick who we go after. Again, you can pick your own budget and timeline. This will involve;
  • us sitting down with you to set a budget and pick an audience
  • design an ad for you.
  • Set up of Adwords, Google my business, Facebook ads
Take my money

Full Monty

  • If you want to really maximise your results, then we need to get very targeted and build a strategy for how to get people to see your ad/s. So, for $2,100 plus advertising spend, we will;
  • Consult with you on a targeted audience
  • Come up with a selection of industry or demographic specific publications
  • Negotiate to buy ad space based on our agreed plan
  • Design the ad or ads +Write the content
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Ongoing Management

  • With any of these advertising packages, we suggest that you keep us on the books to help you manage the results. From as little as $90 a month, we will;
  • provide detailed reporting on the results (who is clicking on your ad and what they are doing)
  • Make recommendations and changes to your ad
  • Sit down once a qtr and have a good chat about how its going
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Strategy Sessions

If you were interested in advertising, then you might also be interested in looking at some of our consulting services. It is highly recommended that we look at what you are trying to achieve before we jump right into adverting.

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Web Design

If the goal is to get people to call you, then advertising is only half the battle. You need a professional looking place for them to find out more about your business. Its not just good enough to look pretty, it needs to be easy for them to navigate too.

So why not let us work on that for you too.

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